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FCG desires to be your friend, a friend that helps you to become more motivated day by day, and gives you rewards for a job well done. We aim to be a go-to place to relieve stress instead of overthinking things, by playing our Clicking game and reading our inspiring and motivating blogs.
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Playing FCG games and reading blogs every day can reduce your stress and can make you feel better after a long tiring day. It can keep you motivated and will remind you to be more grateful every day.
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In every anger there is a reliever. It could be an event, it could be just to wait it out to past, or it could be some distraction you should do to ease the feeling.

But this is different!

Remember when you used to click fast on your keyboard keys or mouse keys when angry? Well keep smashing! Because our anger reliever games are here!
Relieve Anger
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Fingerclickingood is a stress/anger reliever platform. You can play games and read motivational blogs that can motivate everyday.

Our platform exists to keep you reminded. We create stress relievers and recommend videos to watch to calm you and remind you of how awesome you are!

It can relieve your anger by playing our clicking game. You can release your anger using your keyboard keys or by clicking the mouse.

Fingerclickingood is free to use. You can play our game and read blogs whenever you want.

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  • Astrophysics
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